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Modify your technique of Poke hunting


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As you progress in the game Pokemon Go, you get to learn a lot of techniques that help you stay in the game. Many people prefer using shortcuts and decide to buy Pokemon Go accounts, which help them start at a high level.

Considered that every one of your hungry shark evolution hack are normally made use of right to your personal account you obtain normal availability to every one of the sources you could any time need. The device functions best on any kind of tools as long as it has internet internet browser like Chrome, Firefox.

Anyone who opts to buy Pokemon Go accounts certainly get all they need to excel in the game, but some other who choose to play the game spending hours together prefer learning the tricks and techniques of the game. Let us know why you need to modify your technique of Poke hunting.

As the footprint feature has been removed by Niantic which earlier used to help tracking the position of the Pokemon, the nearby tracker still exists in the game. It is present in menu “Sightings” and is quite easy to use than ever. To search the Pokemon displayed on the tracker, you cannot click on a particular creature and view the green box flashing to locate where the Pokemon is positioned.

To search a particular beast keep the display “Sightings” open and walk around and then look if the icon of creature goes off from the list or not. If this happens, means you are on the wrong track. Repeat the steps until you encounter the little beast.

In the recent updates the size of the circle around the character has increased. This means you can now catch Pokemon that are located quite far than the distance from which you used to catch earlier.

These modifying tips will simply help you improve the game and get acquainted to new tracking system easily. Follow the steps and learn about the new updates in the game to enjoy the game. The latest updates that appear in the game make your game easier and help you make the process simple.


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