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Here Are Some Reasons That Might Be Causing Your Vaper’s Tongue

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djjVaper’s tongue is a dreaded condition among vapers as it diminishes their ability to taste their favorite cheap e liquid flavors. The tongue might feel numb and there might be little or no taste from the vape juice. Vapers have been trying to determine the cause of this condition for a long time now. Here are some reasons that are widely believed to be the cause behind vaper’s tongue:

Damaged Taste Buds

Before you freak out, this condition sounds more serious than it actually is. Taste buds can get damaged due to a lot of reasons such as some infections, alcohol intake or smoking, having foods that are extremely spicy or even certain medications. However, taste buds are capable of healing themselves and you may get your sense of taste back in less than two weeks.


This is another possible cause of developing vaper’s tongue and is a common reason for it. You can determine if your loss of taste is in fact caused from dehydration when it is accompanied with other symptoms like headache, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and dry urine. A glass of slightly salted water might be of help.

Some Illnesses

Blocked noses, generally associated with illnesses like cold or flu, is a common reason to have diminished sense of taste, a cold is not the only thing that might mess with your vaping experience. Some illnesses like an injury suffered to the head, nose or mouth, inflamed or swollen gums ( also known as gingivitis) or a zinc or Vitamin B12 deficiency may also be the cause of you not being able to taste the e-liquid.

Another common reason of not being able to taste your cheap e juice might be that you have been using the same flavor for a long time. While there is great fear among vapers concerning this condition, most vapers go through this at some point of time and it is nothing to worry about.

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